A Unique Cape Cod Gift Store in Harwich Port, MA
The “Crooked Fence” is a lot more than just a Cape Cod gift store in Harwich Port. It’s an experience. A warm, friendly and fun atmosphere awaits you with reasonably priced Cape Cod décor for your home, as well as a gift or memento of your trip to Cape Cod. Inside you’ll find beautiful berry wreaths, seaside shell wreaths & swags, and of course handcrafted wreaths that mimic the beautiful hydrangea in Harwich Port.

The Crooked Fence also has funky and unique Cape Cod beach glass jewelry. Cape Cod baskets, rugs, scented candles, lamps, and prints done by Nick Mayer. The Crooked Fence has everything you need for your home or “home away from home” on Cape Cod.

When in Harwich Port, follow the Crooked Fence to a great experience and before you leave, say hi to our loveable golden retriever

Owners, Laurie and Peter Savas

Some of our Products